Expertise and special competencies

  • Biomechanics (experimental and theoretical)
  • Neurogastroenterology and mechanosensation
  • Founded the research center Mech-Sense
  • Research director at Aalborg Hospital in 2001 with the prime responsibility to qualify the hospital to become a university teaching hospital.
  • Served on a number of funding committees
  • Served on several editorial boards

Current research interests

Gastrointestinal motility. Visceral motor and sensory function. Electromechanical coupling in the intestine. Soft tissue mechanics and function. GI remodeling during functional and organic disease. The zero-stress state of biological tissues. Relation between morphology and mechanical strength. Modeling. Submucosal tissue as a smart biomaterial for implantation. Strain softening. Multi-layered composite models. Mechanosensory transduction. Diagnostic device development.

Scientific publications

Publication statistics from ISI
Top thirty scientific papers:

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Funding as principal investigator from EU FP6 (STEP) and FP7 (DIAMARK), National Institute of Health, the Danish Research Councils, the Danish Heart Foundation, Obels Fond and many other foundations in the past 20 years.

Member of funding committeesards

Aalborg Hospital Research Funds
The Danish Medical Associations Research Fund
The Research Initiative,
Aarhus University Hospital
Karen Elise Jensens Foundation 2005-
The Clinical Institute, Aarhus University 2005-2010
Aalborg Fonden 2007-2010
Hertha Christensens Fond 2007-2010

Editorial boards

Editorial board member. Surgical Research Communications
Editor on the annual report from Aalborg Hospital
2004-2006 Editorial board member of World Journal of Gastroenterology
2006- Permanent member of the scientific panel of O.E.S.O.
2007- Editorial board member. Neurogastroenterology and Motility
2008- Associate Editor. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
2008- Editorial board. International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics
2009- Editorial board member. The American Journal of Physiology: Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology


Eight research awards among them the prestigious Walton Award in 2006 named after the Irish Nobel laureate in physics ETS Walton and the American Gastroenterology Association Award in 2008 for scientific achievements.