• Worked with innovation and innovation management for almost a life time
  • 2nd and 3rd awards in 1977 and 1978 in Philips International Competition for young researchers and inventors
  • Defined the innovation strategy for Aalborg Hospital in 2007
  • Founded the Idea Clinic at Aalborg Hospital in 2008
  • Received funding for the Idea Clinic from the Northern Region of Denmark and for the Kattegat-Skagerak (KASK Innovation) from EUs Intereg 4a program
  • Received EU FP7 funding for the Diamark project, developing medical devices for studying visceral symptoms in diabetes patients

Patents and patent applications

Nine patent applications, 3 patents awarded




Priority date


Gregersen H, Drud L

PA 2003 01126

WO 2005/011493

August 4, 2003

‘Electrolytic measuring probe’ Apparatus for detecting axial force in the digestive system

Gregersen H


WO 03/070091

February 22, 2002

US patent issued January 2009

‘Visceral organs in vivo’
Method and apparatus for investigating force-deformation properties in muscles in walls of bodily hollow systems

Gregersen H, Gravesen F,
Lontis R

PCT/DK2006/ 000188

WO 2006/102905

31 March 2005,

10 JuneĀ  2005

31 August 2005

Apparatus for a global model of hollow internal organs including the determination of cross-sectional areas and volume in internal hollow organs and wall properties

Gregersen H

PCT/DK02/ 00581

WO 03/020124

6 September 2001

European patent issued March 2009

‘Multi model measuring probe’
Method and apparatus for stimulating a bodily hollow system and method and apparatus for measuring reactions to stimuli of such systems

Gregersen H, Gravesen F

PCT/DK2005/ 000449

WO 2006/

30 June 2004
31 August 2004

Morphometry of a bodily hollow system

Gregersen H

PA 2008 01215


2 September 2008

A system for monitoring and analyzing mechanical activity in internal organs

Kassab G, Gregersen H, Movahed MR

US 7,454,244 B2


Issued 18 November 2008

System and method for measuring cross-sectional areas and pressure gradients in luminal organs

Gregersen H

PA 2009 01029


September 15, 2009

A system for tracking mechanical activity in internal organs
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Gregersen H

PA 2009 01031


September 16, 2009

Smart needle for collection of samples from the body

Gravesen F,
Gregersen H

PA 2009 01105


October 8, 2009

Multiple axial force

Gravesen F
Gregersen H

PA 2009 01104


October 9, 2009

Artificial fecal device

Technologies developed and licensed

  • Impedance Planimetry
  • Triaxial Force Measurements
  • Multimodal stimulation probe (licensed to Ditens A/S)
  • Functional Luminal Imaging Probe (FLIP, licenced through Diagles Ltd. to Crospon Ltd. CEĀ  and FDA approved)


The multimodal technique for stimulation of pain receptors in the esophagus.