Business & Enterprises

Expertise and special competencies

  • Strategy, leadership and planning
  • Development of research strategy and programs in public institutions
  • Director of Research and Innovation at institution with more than 5000 employees (Aalborg Hospital)
  • Held seven professorships in medical and engineering sciences in Denmark, China, Ireland, Norway and USA
  • Fundraising (EU, NIH, venture capital)
  • Biomechanical research with more than 330 scientific publications and four books
  • Business development and innovation
  • Innovation coaching
  • Medical device development and testing
  • Experienced board member in technical software, system integration and medtech companies
  • Consultancy for multinational pharmaceutical, medical device and technical software companies
  • Fifteen years experience with Danish, Norwegian, US and Chinese education, science and innovation


Danish Biomedical Engineering Society
Board member. 1997-1998
*Gatehouse A/S
Chairman of the Board 1999-2003. Board member 2003-2008 and 2009-
Accip Biotech A/S Chairman of the board. 2001-2004
Ditens A/S Chairman of the board. 2008-

*Gatehouse, a company specialized in technical software development and system integration for advanced communications systems. (

Start-up companies

GMC-Medical Aps (DK)
Globalreach Holding Aps (DK)
2003- Electrocat LLC (USA)
2004- Diagles Ltd (Ireland)
2005- Ditens A/S (DK)

All companies received capital in terms of start-up funding, pre-seed capital, private capital or venture capital. Diagles Ltd. and Ditens A/S made agreements with industrial partners about tech-transfer and commercialization of IPR-based technologies.


Medical device companies

US Surgical and Covidien
Ditens A/S (Aalborg, DK)
Cook Ireland (Galway, IE) 2006-2007
Vysera Ltd. (Galway IE) 2007-2009
Crospon Ltd. (Galway, IE) 2007-2010
Alpine Biomed LTD 2007-2010

Pharmaceutical companies

Astra-Zeneca (Sweden)

Satellite communication companies

Gastehouse Holding A/S


North-Sealand Hospital 2008
Aalborg Hospital 2010-
Aarhus Hospital 2010-